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Aligning Your Finances Today With Your Goals For Tomorrow

Welcome to Overton Advisory.

An independent financial services firm bringing ongoing education and goal-based financial planning to Central Florida and beyond.

Financial Planning Is What We Do.

Working In Your Best Interest Is Who We Are.

We believe that wealth is simply a tool that, when managed correctly, can help anyone reach financial independence, freedom, and confidence. With our professional duty to do only what’s best for you, our advisors are here to help make the most out of what you have by aligning your wealth with your goals, values and future needs.

Are Your Finances Ready For Retirement?

Let’s Find Out

We’re Taking the Hard Work Out of Financial Education

Our founder, Harry offers his insight on “The Smart Money Show.” 

This weekly radio show discusses today’s most pressing financial planning topics for retirees in Central Florida.

Listen To “The Smart Money Show”